EMC solutions: chambers, tents, shielding, spectrum analysers, near field probes

RF&EMI magnetic foils, shields, materials, fleces, cables, canopies, mats and Zero Gauss chambers.


Shielded Tent, Shielded Rooms, EMI Schielded Windows, Shielded Honeycomb air vent, RF-Shielded Doors, EMI/RFI Shielding gaskets, IP65 / EMI EMC IP 65 Sealed gaskets, EPDM conductive gasket EMC/NBC, EMI/EMC fingers strip, Electrically conductive silicone gasket, Thermally conductive silicone, Automatic deposition of conductive silicone, EMC Electrically conductive paints, Shielding conductive textile fabrics, Conductive mask tape EMI/EMC, EMI/EMC schielded bellows, Shielding Cables, Radar Absorbent Materials, Electromagnetic Shielding Test, Shielding of Magnetic fields