High speed-high performance data acquisition systems with independent amplifiers and digitizers for every channel. Availability of a wide range of HW platforms and mainframe configurations to handle both portable and fixed data acquisition requirements. Ethernet communication to an internal or external PC. Extensive analysis and report generation. Innovative compact solution for automotive, aerospace, power and industrial markets.


Dedicated high accuracy, time syncronized data acquisition systems for strain gauges, thermocouples, thermo resistances, voltages, currents.


Isolation amplifiers, Transmitters, Modules, Indicators, Process Analytics, Laboratory Products and Portables, Sensors and Accessories


Complete Solutions for: Noise & Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Reporting; Continuous Data Acquisition, Signal Analysis and Process Monitoring


Sphere with 5 digital cameras, 64 microphones and related software for the capture and reproduction of an omnidirectional sound image, for detection and measurement of causes of noise or echo in cars, airplanes, helicopters, theaters, churches, conference rooms.