Board & System Tester

Flying Probe testers and In-circuit tester highly advanced, scalable solutions. The Flying Scorpion FLS980Dxi “The Ultimate Probing Machine” is a full function Double Sided System configurable with up-to 22 closed loop Flying Probes with ±0.1 micron resolution, programmable probe angle +6º to -6º degrees, extensive electrical test capabilities including analog (up-to GHz range), digital, mixed signal and Boundary Scan as well as advanced optical and thermal inspection. Reverse engineering. Support for largest boards up-to 1050 x 640 mm.

ATS for Battery, High capacitance Capacitors, Solar cells, Inverters, Battery chargers, LED and LED power supplies, Transformers.

Board DfT & Test Coverage Analyser, Test coverage Estimation. Test coverage Measurement.Quality & Electronic Assembly Repair Management System.

ATE systems for testing, troubleshooting and repair of PCBs, intended for the defense, transport and in general, support and maintenance of electronic equipment for Mission Critical applications.Obsolescence management of electronic cards and duplication of obsolete electronic cards, where it is necessary to extend the lifetime of the equipments in operation.

Tools for in-system programming of Flash and programmable logics; board and systems tests (std IEEE-1149.1 and laterst) with integration with all major ATE manufactures; system debug, PCB prototype verification, production and annual maintenance. “At speed test” via FPGA μP.

AOI ATE solutions for SMT, DIP, LED, Touch Panel. First Article Inspection (FAI) AOI plus automatic probing RC measurements up to 01005 (Imperial).

Fastest ICT functional platforms provide electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality, high-volume testing for the latest printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) technologies used in automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, communications, and defense end-products. The structural and functional test cover manufacturing, component, process, and performance defects for high-performance analog, digital, and mixed-signal devices. The best for High-Reliability, High-Complexity products. TestStation Duo, Multi-Site, High Pin Count (up to 15,360 pins), Inline or Offline.